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Human engineering concept
New revolution design
Single rod control mechanism
Integrate all function into one control
Ready for Ergohuman、Enjoy、Nefil、ErgohumanPlus series
Push forward to adjust seat slide
Pull up to adjust seat up and down
Pull backward to adjust angle of the back
Neutral position to lock seat slide、
seat up & down and angle of the back

Product Characteristic

The World'S First
Single Lever Control Mechanism

More functions using fewer buttons to operate
your multifunctional chair simply and intuitively.
Pulling up for seat height adjustment.Pushing
forward for seat slide adjustment.Pulling backward
for backrest tilt angle adjustment.Neutral position
to lock the abve functions.
Multifunctional Ergonomic Chair
Clear outline combining with easy multifunctional
operation,makes Enjoy more suitable for the
demand of modern working environment.
Height Adjustable Backrest 
The 3-5 vertebras are supported for the optimum
ergonomic working position and the elasticity of
the mesh fabric provides full support to the 
lumbar region.
Unique Comfortable Lumbar
The Enjoy's elastic properties in the lumbar
support and streamlined appearance gives
you complete comfort.
4D Armrest
Armrest is height,angle,width and backward/
forward adjustable to provide the best support
for your arm.


Backrest height
Arm pad forward or backward
& armrest height adjustment
Arm pad width & angle
Slight & quick backrest tilt
tension adjustment
Pull up to adjust seat height Push forward to adjust seat slide Pull backward to adjust angle 
of the back
Neutral position to lock seat
slide seat up & down and
angle of the back
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