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Headrest Height Adjustment
Hold the frame of headrest with both hands, pull up or down to adjust the height.The adjustable range would be 100mm.
The most suitable height could be achieved when one's scruff is fully supported by the headrest.
Operation instruction for unfolding Notebook Stand
Press button A with your right hand.
Rotate the support board forwards with your left hand untill the click sound can be heard.
Turn up the support board by rotating it upward to 90o
Open the support pole locking system by pushing the button B as the direction of the arrow.
Use your right hand hold button B and turn the support board rightwards with 135o.
Re-press the locking button B to adjust the support pole in a suitable range,it coould be adjusted with 45o range and there are three positions locking.
Push the support board rightwards and fix it in the most comfortable position.
Press button C and rotate the support board for adjusting the best position according to different tilt sitting posture.
Adjust the support board's angle when you change the backrest reclining angle.
Pull up the computer gears ban out.
Rotate the gears ban upwards and undo it.
Pull upward the gear ban to put the notebook on the support board.
Put the notebook under the computer gears ban,adjust the computer gears ban to tighten the notebook.
Operation instruction for folding Notebook Stand
The left picture shows the notebook is placed well on the notebook stand.
And the notebook stand is adjusted to suit personal comfort.
Pull the computer gears ban outwards with both hands,take notebook out as the arrows shows in the picture.
Press the gears ban towards horizontal direction.
Rotating downwards and withdrawl the computer gears ban.
Press and hold button C,rotate and adjust the angle to the first horizontal direction.
Push the support board to the most left position.
Rotate the support board towards left to 180o horizontally.
Press button D and rotate the support board downwards to 90o.
Press button A and rotate the support board backwards by 90o with left hand,then the support stand is locked automatically with a "click" sound.
Ottoman Adjustment Instructions
Pull up the frame of the ottoman directly to adjust the height of ottoman.Its range of height is 50mm.When it goes to the top height,the ottoman will fall down to the original position automatically.
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