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Stage Less Memory Position Locking on Backrest
Hold the lever on the left side of seat with your left hand and pull it up to open the tilting lock,recline untill a desired angle position is achieved, then close the lever to memorize the recline position.
Body fit sub skating recline movement allow user to sit and adjust the best comfortable recline position,receiving full support on lumbar area.With stage less memory position locking,automatically memory your last set recline position.
Angle Adjustable Armpad
Armpad angle adjustment:a range of 15o can be achieved by swiveling the armpads inwards,or outwards to achieve another 15o.
The best angle could be reached when the arms can rest naturally on the armpads while working.
Height Adjustable Armrest
Raise the armrest directly to adjust the height,the adjusted height is 55mm.and the armrest will fall automatically when it is in the highest point.
Recommended armrest positin: allow arms to rest comfortably on the arms at a 90o angle while the armrest is 1" higher than the elbow.
Height Adjustable Seat
Hold the lever on the right side of seat and pull it up and keepping the hold,one can make the seat up or down,when the lever is released,the seat height can be locked.
Since an incorrect seat height contributes to back's fatigue,it is recommended that that the angle of knees is slightly less than 90o and feet are level with the floor.
Air Pressure & Height Adjustable Lubar
Hold both sides of the lumbar support to adjust the height to appropriate position.

Keep pressing the buttonon the left side to pump air into the internal air bag to provide the best comfort.This can adjust forward for the appropriate position of lumbar support.
Pull up the single rod control lever and hold it while raising or lowering the seat to change the seat height.When the lever is released,the seat height is locked.
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