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Headrest height adjustment
Hold the handle of headrest to adjust the height of it.there are 6 positions with 40mm adjustable
The most suitable height could be achieved when one's scruff is fully supported by the headrest
Headrest angle adjustment
Hold the headrest cushion to adjust angle of it.Thers is 30º adjustable
The best angle could be reached when one could move the neck naturally
Headrest forward & backward adjustment
Press the headrest forward & backward adjustment button, could adjust the headrest forward or backward.There are 3 positions with 30º adjustable
You could adjustment headrest to fit your different sitting position
Backrest tilt angle adjustment
Pull the single rod control lever completely backward and lean against back untill a desired angle is achieved,and then return the lever to the original middle position to lock at an ideal angle.There are 4 positions with 25º range
The proper backrest angle can reduce the pressure on the spine.
Backrest quick or slight tilt tension adjustment
Pull the lever outwards,open the tilt tension adjustment handle,and turn it forward or backward into a desired tension for quick tilt tension adjustment or close the handle and turn it forward or backward for slight tilt tension adjustment,and then close the handle and push the lever inwards to the original position to fix it.
The synchro mechanism is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and reduce strain.The back-to-seat adjustment/tilt is 3:1 ratio.
Backrest height adjustment Lumbar support height adjustment
Hold the two sides of the backrest handle,one could adjust the backrest up or down.The backrest would be returned back to the lowest when pushed to the top.There are 1.57" adjustable.
A. The height of lumbar support can also be adjusted by adjusting the backrest height.
B. Suitable height of the lumbar support would bring more comfort for one's waist.
Armrest height adjustment
Press the two-side armrest height adjustment buttons to raise or lower the armrests.there are 8 positions with 3.15" range.
Recommended armrest position: Allow arms to rest comfortably on the armrests at a 90º angle while the armrest is 1" higher than the elbow.
Armpad angle adjustment
Armpad angle adjustment:a range of 9º can be achieved by swiveling the armpad inwards or outwards.
The best angle could be reached when the arms can rest naturally on the armpads while working.
Armpad width adjustment Armpad forward & backward adjustment
Width adjustment:hold and push the armpads outwards or inwards into a desired width of the arms. There are 1.57" range adjustment totally.
Forward & backward adjustment: push the armpads forward or backward to a desired position. The range for it is 1.57"
Seat height adjustment
Pull up the single rod control lever and hold it while raising or lowering the seat to change the seat height. When the lever is released,the seat height is locked.
Since a incorrect seat height contributes to back's fatigue,it is recommended that the angle of knees is slightly less than 90º and feet are level with the floor.
Seat depth adjustment
Push the single rod control lever forward to adjust the seat depth (The approximate range is 1.97") Return the lever to the original middle position,the position will be fixed.
Ideal depth is achieved when the upper legs are on the seat,the lumbar area is in touch with the backrest of the chair,and the back of knees do not touch the edge of seat cushion.
Operation instruction for unfolding the Notebook Stand
1. Press button A with your right hand.
2. Rotate the support board forwards with your left hand untill the click sound can be heard.
3. Turn up the support board by rotating it upward to 90º
4. Rotate the support board rightward to 180º horizontally.
5. Push the support board rightwards and fix it in the most comfortable position.
6-7. Press button B and rotate the support board for adjusting the best position according to different tilt sitting posture. Note:please do not be locked in the first angle position.
8. Rotate and undo the computer layering upwards when using Ipad or Notebook.
9. Pull the computer gears ban out.
10. Rotate the gears ban upwards and undo it.
11-12. Pull the Notebook under the computer gears ban,adjust the computer gears ban to tighten the Notebook.
The left picture shows the Notebook is placed well on the Notebook Stand. And the Notebook Stand is adjusted to suit personal comfort.
Operation instruction for folding the Notebook Stand
1-2. Pull the computer gears ban outwards with both hands,take the notebook out as the arrows shows in the picture.
3. Withdrawal the computer layering inby.
4. Press the gears ban towards horizontal direction.
5. Rotating downwards and withdrawal the computer gears ban.
6-7. Press and hold button B, rotate and adjust the angle to the first horizontal position.
8. Push the support board to the leftmost position.
9. Rotate the support board towards left to 180º horizontally.
10-11. Press butoon C and rotate the support board downards to 90º
12-13. Press button A and rotate the support board backwards by 90º with left hand,then the support stand is locked automatically with a click sound.
The left picture shows the well-folded Notebook Stand.
Operation instruction for Opening legrest
1. Pres both sides buttons on each egde under the front part of seat.
2. And it will be locked automatically with click sound after revolving upwards by 150º
3. Open the folded part with revolving forward.
Operation instruction for folding legrest
1. Close the unfolded part with revolving backward.
2. Press the same buttons
3. And it will be locked automatically with click sound after revolving downward by 150º
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