Backrest Tilt Angle Adjustment

Push the backrest angle adjustment lever completely forward and lean against back until desired angle is achieved ,and then return the lever to original position to be locked at an ideal angle.There are 4 positions with a 27º range.

Backrest angle adjustment can reduce the pressure on the spine. 
Backrest Quick or Slight tilt Tension Adjustment

Pull the lever outwards,open the tilt tension adjustment handle, and turn it forward or backward into a desired tension for quick tilt tension adjustment or close the handle and turn it forward or backward for slight tilt tension adjustment,and then close the handle and push the lever inwards to the original position to fix it.

The synchro mechanism is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and reduce strain.The back-to-seat adjustment/tilt is 3:1 ratio. 
Lumbar Support  Angle Adjustment Backrest Height Adjustment

A. Hold the lumbar support and swivel the handle to adjust the angle. B.Suitable angle of the lumbar support would bring more comfort. There is 0.59" adjustable. 

Hold the two sides of the backrest, one could adjust the backrest up or down.The backrest would be returned back to the lowest when pushed to the top.There is 1.57" adjustable.
Armrest Height Adjustment

Press the two-sided armrest height adjustment buttons to raise or lower the armrests.There are 8 positions with 3.15" range. 

Recommended armrest positions: Allow arms to rest comfortably on the armrest at a 90ºangle with the armrest 1" higher than the elbow.
Arm Pad Swiveling Angle Adjustment

Swiveling angle adjustment:Three arm pad positions,18º range for each position is achieved by turning the arm pads outwards or inwards.

The best angle could be reached when the arms can rest naturally on the arm pads while working. 
Arm Pad Width Adjustment  Arm Pad Forward and Backward  Adjustment

Width adjustment:hold the arm pads outwards or inwards into desired width of the arms.There is 1.57" range adjustment totally. 

Forward and backward adjustment: Push the arm pads forward or backward for needed position.The range for it is about 1.38". 
Seat Height Adjustment

Push the height adjustment lever backward and hold it while raising or lowering the seat to change the seat height.When the lever is released,the seat height is fixed.

Since incorrect seat height contributes to back fatigue,it is recommended that the angle of knees to be slightly less than 90º and feet are level with the floor.
Seat Depth Adjustment

Pull the seat depth adjustment pull to adjust the seat depth (The approximate range is 1.97"). when the pull is released,the position will be fixed.

Ideal depth is achieved when the upper legs are on the seat,the lumbar area is in touch with the back of the chair,and the back of knees does not touch the edge of seat. 
Seat Gradient Adjustment

A.The gradient of seat can be 
adjusted by turning the gradient 
adjustment lever to change the 
angle of the seat.The adjustable range is 0.79".
B.Different gradient would meet your different needs with full
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