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Adjust function

A. Headrest height & angle adjustment;
B. Backrest height,tilt angle & flexible tilt tension adjustment;
C. Arm-pad angle adjustment;
D. Armrest height adjustment;
E. Seat height & depth adjustment.

A1 Headrest height adjustment
Seating on the chair,one could
adjust the headrest up or 
down by holding the underside 
of it.Thers is five- position
and 5cm adjustable.
It is the most suitable
height that the scruff is 
fully supported by the 
A2 Headrest angle adjustment
Seating on the chair,one 
coule adjust the headrest
angle by turning it.There 
is three-position and 15°
It is the most comfortable
angle that the head can
raise up naturally.
B1.Backrest height adjustment
Seating on the chair,holding
and pushing up the backrest
height adjust mechanism,one
could adjust the backrest up
or down.The backrest would be 
returned back to the lowest
when pushed to the top.There
is six-position and 6.5cm
It is the best suitable position
that the 3-4 vertebra is
supported on the lumbar-rest
position.And with the especial
contour design,one's vertebra 
could be in the most health 
B2. Backrest tilt angle adjustment
Seating on the chair,pushing
the backrest angle adjust
button forward to the end,
one could adjust the backrest
angle by reclining.The backrest 
would be fixed by returning
back the button.There is three
-position and 15°adjustable
It could be adjusted the angle
for your the most comfortable.
As to reduce the pressure on
spine,one can adjust the angle
in his need.Another health 
position is that one can keep
the backrest unlocked and
recline at random with adjusting
the proper tilt tension.
B3. Backrest flexible tilt tension adjustment
Swiveling clockwise or 
anticlockwise the backrest 
flexible tilt tension adjust
button,one can enhance or 
reduce the tilt tension.
Enjoy was designed by using 
the synchro mechanism,according 
to the principle of ergonomics.
When the back tilt 2.7°,the 
seat will be up 1°.The design 
not only make the user feel 
more comfortable but also 
reduce the sitting posture harm.
C1. Armrest height adjustment
Press the two-side armrest
height adjust button,one
could adjust the height up
or down.There is six-position
and 6cm adjustable.
It is the most proper posture,
which one put the arm on the
armrest naturally,keep the 
angle 90° and the armrest 
surface 1"(2.5cm) higher
than the elbow.
C2. Arm-pad angle adjustment
Putting the elbow on the 
armrest,holding the head of
the arm-pad,one could adjust
the angle outward or inward.
There is three-position
and 16° Adjustable.
It's the available method to
lighten the harm to the hand, 
that one puts the elbow on
the armrest naturally according
to the working need,and avoid 
working without elbow support.
D1. Seat height adjustment
Seating on the chair,pushing
the seat height adjust button
backward to the end and keeping
the hold,one can make the seat
up or down.The seat height would
be fixed without pushed the 
It's the best height when the
knee angle is a little less
than 90° and the foot step on
the level.There is much
harmful to spine for the
incorrect height of the seat.
D2. Seat depth adjustment
Pushing the seat depth adjust 
button backward to the end,
moving with the haunch power,
one can change the seat depth.
But,pay attention to don't
hold the armrest at the same
time.When pushing back the 
button,the depth could be fixed.
There is six-position and 
6cm adjustable.
It's the best depth when the 
haunch is full on the seat,
the waist is crutched
completely and the inturn
of the knee can not touch
the seat brim.
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